Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Enter................The Sizzix Texture Boutique!

Hello Hello! I MUST tell you all about the FANTABULOUS deal I was blessed with tonight! I have been DYING to add some dry embossing to my cards and scrapbook designs so............ I've been bugging the you know what out of my husband. I FINALLY came across the most recent flyer for the locan AC Moore and noticed they had the Sizzix Texture Boutique for 40% off! That made it 19 bucks and some change! WOOT WOOT! HOWEVER...... when I got there, I discovered that you only got the machine with that price and they were totally out anyway, BUMMER! So I stopped by Michael's where they ALWAYS have them just to see if MAYBE they were on sale there as well... Nope! But never fear! I jerked out my Michael's coupon to see the stipulations in fine print did NOT include Sizzix products! YAY! That meant I'd get the bundle that Michael's offered for 40% off of 39.99..... The wheels continued to turn..... Hopefully everyone knows that Michael's will accept AC Moore coupons. Also, AC Moore tends to give about 10% MORE off than Michael's. There was a 50% off one regular priced item from AC Moore buring a hole in my purse! I whipped that little coupon out, the clerk sunk in defeat! I was able to purchase the sizzix texture boutique, the two plates, the shim and TEN, yes I said TEN embossing folders for 21 dollars!!!!!!!! Oh stupendous joy! See the photo below of what all is included and I have also added a link to the 50% off AC Moore coupon!

 And HERE is the link to the coupon!

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