Friday, March 12, 2010

Hiatus is over!

   There have been a few issues that have kept us away for a good month. One of which is pictured below, the other two I'll explain here. Garrett's last report card and progress report showed a major plummet in his grades. We felt that Garrett needed to refocus and it was very important that I keep him on the straight and narrow.
   The other issue that I'm not sure many of you know is that I am in Nursing school. This is my last semester of my Junior year and we started back in late January. It's a tough road but school and Garrett have really required my complete attention this semester.
   We have still been crafting, just not posting pictures or tutorials on the blog. Not to worry, we will be back at the tutorials very soon and I have a brand new video camera that should make filming SO much easier!
   The last thing I want to share for tonight is the NEW craft room! While M's had that 60% off coupon going and their storage just so happened to NOT be on sale, me, the DH, and Garrett visited TWO different M's almost EVERY day to get all the cubes to turn my den into an awesome craft space! Now I have room for two other friends to join me! I am sooooo excited! I call it my sanctuary! LOL. The pics aren't great, i took some fast ones with the camera on my Iphone but I wanted to give everyone a peek! Enjoy! Picture heavy!



  1. Great Space!!! I love it. I hope life settles down for you. Shari (cricutrookie)

  2. You and I must have been on the same page. My husband surprised me with the work table witht her filp down lid....Yeah!!!

  3. OMG! I'm jealous beyond WORDS! xxD

  4. I did the same thing about a year ago, almost like your room. what was that storage at your cricut that was holding your border punches. it was a open top storage. email me if you could please.

    love your room.