Friday, March 12, 2010

WOOT WOOT! We won an award!!!

We are sooo excited! This is our first ever award! Ohhh Snap has sent us a Beautiful Blogger award and I am just stoked! So from what I gather, I need to list 7 thiings about myself and pass this award on to 15 other deserving peeps. Soooo............ let's see here.....
1. I'm naturally a blond and just color my hair dark
2. I'm in my last semester of my Junior year of Nursing school
3. I have two other children besides Garrett, a 16 year old daughter and a 15 year old son
4. My best friend is my younger sister
6. I'm the slowest scrapbooker on the face of the planet because I'm nuts about detail.
7. And finally............. we are trying to have another baby, just started this month, been planning for the last 7 months....... prayin' for a girl!

Ok enough about me, since this award is also for Garrett let's post 7 things you may not know about him......

1. His first name is Lance
2. He's made some cards that are better than some I've made (he is going to make a video on these!!)
3. He's addicted to XBOX 360 (UGH!)
4. He loves his ball python Zahara
5. He has ADD
6. He's an great shot, took two deer in one day this past season and also competes in pistol shooting competitions
7. And finally........... him and his big sister are best buds!

Alrighty I think that does it. If there is different information that Garrett would like to share I'll let him make a separate post because right now he's at school and I was just too excited to NOT post this right now! Also, I will be posting up pictures along with an explanation of what has had us on a hiatus for a month! We haven't forgotten about the blog and we love all our followers!!! I think when you see it, you'll understand!

Ok, on to who we chose for the Beautiful Blogger award!

1. Elaina Grace Designs : she makes the most adorable pillow case dresses and incredible hair bows! She does hair bows and clippie giveaways all the time!

2. Craft Junkie Too : Garrett just loves her projects. He finds many of Tracy's projects kid friendly.

3. The Scrapping Cat : I just LOVE her layouts and cards! Carolyn made the most awesome family tree! You gotta check her out!

4. Scrap Crazyyyy : This lady has to be the most creative person I've seen! Who the heck would think to make sock ice cream?! Simply incredible!

5. Lena's Creations : If you aren't inspired or motivated... just go visit Lena's blog. Her projects are so amazing! Just a scroll through this blog will get your booty in gear!

6. Purtty Paperz : I want to LIVE in her cards......... just visit, you'll see what I mean! Simply breath taking.

7. Stacey's World : I just love Stacy's cards. Some of her cupcake cards I could literally eat. She is a jack of all trades!

8. Popsicle Toes : OK, she has quite a few awards but not this one and you will totally see why when you check out her blog! Even her simple projects are so amazingly detailed (Which I am a total fanatic of)!

9. Bella Bug Creations : Margie's cards are wonderful! I want to know her secret on how she gets so much great stuff on normal size cards! Fantastic!

10. Peachy Paper Crafts : My 2 year old nephew caught me browsing this blog and said "ohhhh bootiful maybock! Lookie Angels!" That translates into Oh Beautiful Mailbox! Look at the Angels! And he is right! P.G Lamb's projects are really gorgeous. If my nephew see's that castle she made I'm in big trouble!

11. Creations by Barbara : Barbara does the most FUN projects! There isn't a single project on her blog that does just SCREAM fun! I'd love to have a day with Barbara!

12. Paper Pastimes of a Scrapbooking Mimi : There isn't a project, layout, or card she has done that I don't just love! AND she's in North Carolina! BONUS!

13. A Place for My Cards : This has to be my all time favorite card designer. Jeannie Phillips is unbelievable. I can sit and look at the cards on her blog for hours. If she lived even remotely close to me, I would beg her to let me make cards with her so I could learn all her secrets!

14. Crafts and Love : Her flowers are unreal! They totally put primas to SHAME!

15. Paper Pastime : Denise makes amazing projects AND she does the tutorials to go with! I have learned SO MUCH from her blog!



  1. Well aren't you a sweetie! Thank you so much for the lovely comments. I'm afraid I'm SOOO behind on my awards but truly appreciate each and every one of them. Love reading your facts. I'm a natural blonde too and dye my hair red! LOL Thanks again! xxD

  2. Thanks for my award! I do appreciate your dropping by in my blog. :-) Visit again soon!