Tuesday, January 5, 2010

CHIRP MB Mention!

WOW! Ok, so I had NO IDEA that I had been mentioned in the message board section of the CHIRP! I had posted the pate I had made my sister as a house warming/Christmas gift in the Cricut Crafts section of the message boards and hadn't checked on it in a while. Thanks to a PM from one of the lovely ladies that frequents said message boards, I checked to find that MANY ladies wanted instruction on how I made my plates! WOW what an honor! Seeing as I started a 1920's history class yesterday, I won't be able to make a picture or video step by step instruction on glass etching until this weekend but I will DEFINITELY get one posted! I am so tickled that everyone liked my plates! I can tell you that they drove me insane. ESPECIALLY my sisters plate because I DID NOT use transfer tape like a total GOOBER and I will not try that ever again! So, I will do some sort of instruction and get it posted by the weekend! In the mean time, I will dazzle you with a birthday card that I am getting ready to post. I <3 comments and followers so follow and uhhh... comment! lol

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