Saturday, January 2, 2010

Michael's after Christmas goodies (And a few from Walmart)!

Ok finally! I am so sorry this post is sooooo very late! The family and I spent the New Year with some friends that live 3 hours away and for some reason, I COULD NOT get an internet connection there! I could barely get enough service to post an occasional tweet! So upsetting! So again, I must apologize for how late this post is. I have one complaint about this trip to Michael's let me just get it out of the way first so I can enjoy the rest of my post. Can I just say...... NOTHING was marked individually as being on sale. For example.... I had a 50% off coupon for one full priced item and as usual, you can't use it on Gypsy, Cricut, Yudu, etc.... Well my husband passed this really awesome shelf/ribbon holder that was 20 bucks and decided he'd like to get it for me. SWEET! So I dig out that coupon and hand it to him. I just happened to have another one so I had my son purchase the bottle o' flowers with that one and then I used the additional 25% off the ribbon coupon. So we all line up at the register, I had my son some cash as my husband is informed by the VERY pleasant employee dude (Yes it was a guy and he was awesome!) that he cannot use the coupon because the item is already 50% off. Well sweet but........ why was this not posted?! I mean HELLO! I also noticed that they had quite a few holiday packs of DCWV, K and Co, Me & My Big Ideas, etc... out in a middle isle but listed as 19.99? I know dang good and well those were on sale! So... I was peeved about that. On to the good stuff!

     So I took pictures of the few items I scooped up at M's and Walmart together. I didn't embark on a major shopping spree or anything, sadly! Anywho, between both stores, coupons, and sales, I think we spent a grand total of maybe 35 bucks? Heck, it may not have been that much. I am so excited that I was able to pick up some ribbon and buttons for my sons football scrapbook page, which I also will have a VERY special announcement about coming up in the next few days. Can't make it just yet but it's great, I promise!
       I also have NOT forgotten about the happy dance I promised! I am hoping to get that recorded tomorrow (This means I have to put on makeup, oh Joy!) and uploaded (Never tried this before) to the blog shortly after. Oh! I almost forgot! I DID get to go to Hobby Lobby for the first time EVER while visiting our friends! I got some goodies there too! GREAT embellishments and ribbon, ALL 50% off and spent a grand total of 7 bucks and some change. WOOT WOOT! I will post those tomorrow.... MAYBE tonight if I stay up much longer! I just LOVE crafty STUFF. I'd rather go use a coupon EVERY day and only get one thing and spend 5 bucks or less, than only get to go on one decent spree every couple of months! Ok, enjoy the pics, leave me some comments, and I will see you soon scrappers!

from M's
*shelf- 9.99
*bottle of flowers- 3 bucks and some change
*ribbon- 3 bucks and some change
from Wally World
*Martha Stewart self healing mat- 10 bucks
*bag of buttons- 2.99
*Martha Stewart embellishments that I call gumdrops- 4 bucks

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