Monday, January 18, 2010

MAJOR Brownie points for the DH!

       So the DH took me to Michael's on Friday....... Now normally he's right on my heels, patiently watching as I carefully select the best deals, probably tallying up the total cost as I drop each carefully chosen item into my basket. I always cruise through the clearance section that is nestled in the very back corner of the store. Since I purchased my cricut in November we have been making these usually weekly trips to Michael's. There is always something on sale that I just have to have!
       Anywho.... since November, back in the clearance section, there has been this craft cart that I've just been dying for. The box was ripped and looked a bit beat up but that didn't bother me. The cart was marked down to $49.99 which being in nursing school and only having the DH's income, I just could bring myself to bat my eyes for.
       As I proceeded to find the 14 sponge's on a stick (As I like to call them) for a dollar, I realized that my DH was no longer behind me. Feeling that was odd but barely giving it a second thought, I carried on to the ribbon section to find some pretty spools on sale for a dollar each! It wasn't until I had returned to the scrapbooking section to find a regular priced item to use my coupon with that my DH found me.
       He asked me "You about ready?" to which I replied "Yep just looking for my one regular priced item". Then he proceeds to say "OK, I'm just waiting for them to bring your thing up to the front", to which I of course replied "What thing?". When the DH said "Your cart" I managed to choke out something to the effect of... "Oh you don't have to do that, it's still 50 dollars and I know we can't afford the extra expense right now". To which HE replied "HA! I'm not paying 50 bucks!".
       Puzzled, I questioned him and he told me how he talked to a sales lady, reminding her of how long the cart had been sitting in the clearance section, taking up space and gathering dust. He proceeded to offer her 20 bucks for the cart to which she replied that she would have to ask her manager. Well.... she did ask her manager and his reply was "Give it to him"!!!!!!!!!! 
       Now who would have thought to haggle with a manager of Michael's?! So I present to you, my hundred dollar cart that my DH purchased for TWENTY BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!! It is now my Cricut Station!


  1. WOW those are some serious brownie points I think I would call them kudos!!!! Give him a big hug and a nice warm dinner! And I can see you doing the HAPPY dance!!! congrats!!!!! GAscrappnGramma

  2. LOL! Kudos it is ScrappnGramma!! I'll get right on that happy dance as soon as the state of shock subsides! I just can't get over it.... 20 bucks!

  3. So happy for you and kudos to your DH!

  4. Oh how wonderfully dh supports me like that and we have been married 29 years now.... and I love him more every day... so you hold on to this sweetie...

  5. Thank you! We will be celebrating 13 years this June....He doesn't give me much flack about crafting and every time I show him something new he tells me how great it is (Even if it's not!) Definitely a keeper!

  6. oh how sweet! He sounds like a keeper to me!
    and it looks so nice in your room,

  7. wow CONGRATs it looks awesome and way to go hubby!

  8. Love this!! After much Whining ( i believe) my husband bought my cricut for xmas. For us a huge purchase!! Yet, he did not even bat an eye!! don't ya just love it when they do things on there own?? Means sooo much to us ladies.

  9. Wow!!!!
    I don't even know u but I'm super excited for u! I can so relate 2 u with the weekly Michaels trips with hubby watching my every move. He was sick today so i had to go alone which was nice because I ended up being there for 3 hours. Hubby was thinking of you and got an awesome deal. U just can't beat that!

  10. Oh what I wouldn't give for a three hour... leisurely browse through Michael's!!!!!!!! I guess I should be happy that he doesn't follow behind me huffing and puffing, lol.

  11. Those are super-sized brownie points for your DH! What a guy!

  12. Wow! What a find and a great deal! BTW, You can actually "haggle" at any store... get the right manager and be real sweet and don't act like you want it toooooo badly.- LOL I do it all the time and not always clearance stuff.
    I bought my hubby a 52 in HDTV that was priced at $1600- for $797 and that was tax included. I agreed to take the floor model (nothing was wrong with it as it was a "high on the wall" display), had all items with it (manual, cord, remote, even batteries. AND they found they had the box in the back so brought it out and put the TV in.
    Sry to go OT, that was just an example but I always ask about deals and discounts at every store.